Cafeterias / Residences

From breakfast to supper, the meals served in residences and cafeterias must be varied and well-balanced, which can be a real challenge. Be it cold cuts, smoked meat, sausages, or anything else, Lesters quality food products are sure to be a hit with everyone. To optimize costs and ensure zero loss, our products are fully cooked and ready to use. Should you have any inquiries about our products, contact us! We would be happy to answer your questions.

Our featured products

Smoked meat brisket

Lesters uses only 100% Canadian sourced beef briskets, hand trimmed and slowly smoked for perfectly tender and juicy meat every time. Vacuum packing ensures a long shelf-life and makes it easier to store and use. Can easily be kept hot for over 4 hours without any loss of quality.

Pulled pork

Its on-trend smoky taste and nice texture provides a reliable cooking performance. No sauce means you can give it your own individual spin. Fully cooked and shredded, simply heat and serve.

Breakfast sausage

A unique flavour appreciate by consumers offered in a perfect size for the breakfast plate. Easy to prepare using various cooking methods and stays attractive in a hot food table.