Smoked beef / roast

Smoked meat round

Format / Weight

2 units, 1.15 to 3.75kg

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Smoked meat style beef bottom round.


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Refrigerated between 1°C and 4°C.


Smoked beef / roast


Lesters uses only hand trimmed beef, brined and slowly smoked for perfectly tender and juicy meat every time.  Vacuum packing ensures a long shelf-life and makes it easier to store and use.  Can easily be kept hot for over 4 hours without any loss of quality.


Montreal-style smoked meat was developed by the city’s delicatessens in the early 1900s.  Our leaner version, just as delicious, is made with beef bottom round and the signature Lesters rub, then smoked to perfection to create its unmistakable flavour.  Go traditional by slicing it thin for sandwiches, or get creative by adding it to your favourite recipes for a new twist.


Beef, Water, Salt, Flavour (corn, soy), Spices, Caramel, Sodium phosphate, Vinegar, Sugars (brown sugar), Sea salt, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium erythorbate, Garlic, Sodium nitrite. Contains : Soy.  May contain: Wheat

Mode of preparation

Cut thin slices to serve in sandwiches, or in chunks to give a twist to your favourite recipes.

Always prepared without

Allergies - May contain