The tradition of snack-bars has been an integral part of the Quebec restaurant landscape for generations. Whether for a family lunch, part of a weekend outing, or a road stop while on vacation, the snack-bar holds a special place in the collective hearts and memories of Quebecers. Day in and day out, you are there for them. That’s why Lesters is there for you!

Our featured products

Old fashioned sliced smoked meat brisket, brown rub

Lesters uses only 100% Canadian sourced beef briskets, hand trimmed and slowly smoked for perfectly tender and juicy meat every time. Vacuum packing and individual-sized packaging ensures a long shelf-life and makes it easier to store and use. Can easily be kept hot for over 4 hours without any loss of quality. Each fast and easy to serve 140-g portion is hand packed to ensure the perfect blend of meat for a proper smoked meat sandwich.

Verona pepperoni sliced 3 ½″

A peperoni offering a bounty of Italian flavours.