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To have achieved 90 years of success required the teamwork of thousands of people, working together for a common cause. Every single job and task over these past 90 years has had meaning and value. We feel humbled at all that has been achieved and would like to acknowledge the contribution and introduce you to a few of our valued friends and co-workers who have contributed to our success.


Hired by Joe Lester in 1970, Jean spent 51 years with Lesters Foods. He began working at the first factory on Saint Dominique street, then moved to the current location on Boulevard Industriel in Laval, and has worked his way up from: shipping, packaging, team leader to production supervisor. For Jean, Lesters represents a big part of his life, and his commitment has contributed to the success of our company. During his long career, he saw the birth of his four children, and his ten grandchildren. He saw the old generation go and learned to work with the new . Jean will say it time and time again, he's always been proud to work for Lesters Foods.

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Brigitte Raymond, TEAM SPIRIT

With Lesters since 2002, Brigitte has three core values at work and in life: respect, communication and team spirit. And that’s without a doubt what makes her one of the most popular trainers in the business. Always attentive to new recruits, she makes herself available to answer all their questions. And it is in this climate of trust that Lesters wants to approach collaboration with everyone within the company.

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Sopha Sith, PASSION

If one member of our team could represent the pleasure of working together, it would be Sopha. In the 10 years since she was hired, Sopha has spread her good humor and joie de vivre wherever she goes. This enthusiasm is something that Lesters tries to adopt in all circumstances so that each of its employees comes to work with the same positive attitude and dynamism.

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Guemson has been working with us for three years now. Initially we needed an agency employee, but thanks to Guemson's hard work and determination, we decided to hire him as a permanent employee at the end of his probationary period. In just a few short months, this rigorous young man with a contagious smile, has proven himself to be a valuable member of our team.

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Ajmal Noor Ahmad, EVOLUTION

Ajmal started working with us in packaging in 2015. This motivated young man was determined to grow, so it was arranged that his schedule would allow for him to pursue electromechanics studies. He left us at the end of his training in 2019, because we unfortunately did not have a position that required his skills. But we had not forgotten about him. In June of 2020, we offered him a supervisory foreman position. An offer he immediately accepted. Since returning to Lesters, Ajmal has impressed us daily with his progress in this new position.

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