You can make one, two or three kinds, add the ingredients you prefer, double the quantities for a larger group, or make less for a smaller one. Please note that each ‘variant’ serves 4 to 6 people.


Ingredients for each variety of nachos

Deli Nachos

1 bag yellow corn tortilla chips

1 box Lesters smoked meat round, coarsly chopped

½ jar coarsely chopped sliced pickles

1 bag grated Swiss or Cheddar cheese

Thousand Island Dressing

2 green onions (green parts),

Yellow mustard


Pizzeria Nachos

1 bag white corn tortillas (preferably)

1 heart romaine lettuce, chopped

1 stick Lesters Original or Spicy Pepperoni, thinly sliced

Black olives, sliced

1 green bell pepper, finely diced

2 green onions (white parts), sliced

1 small can pizza sauce

1 bag grated mozzarella cheese

Caesar dressing


Tex-Mex Nachos

1 bag blue corn tortillas or similar

1 can store-bought chili

3 green shallots, sliced

2 jalapeno peppers, thinly sliced

1 tomato, finely diced

1 bag Tex-Mex cheese

1 jar commercial ‘queso’ cheese chopped cilantro (if desired)

Salsa for dipping sour cream

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  1. Line your table or countertop with aluminum foil (shiny side down).
  2. Deli Nachos: Heat smoked meat according to package directions and chop coarsely, spread chips on aluminum foil, cover with smoked meat, chopped pickles, then top with grated cheese, drizzle with Thousand Island dressing and sprinkle with green shallots, place bottle of yellow mustard in center for those who wish to add some.
  3. Pizzeria Nachos: Sauté the pepperoni slices in a frying pan, arrange the chips on the aluminum foil with the chopped romaine in the center, cover chips with the pepperoni, olives and diced bell pepper. Top with grated mozzarella cheese, drizzle with Caesar dressing and sprinkle with the white of the green shallots, heat the pizza sauce and place in a bowl, in the center of the romaine lettuce, for dipping.
  4. Tex-Mex Nachos: Heat chili, spread chips on aluminum foil with chopped iceberg lettuce in center, cover chips with chili, jalapeno peppers, diced tomato, then with grated Tex Mex cheese, top with heated queso cheese. Sprinkle with green shallots and cilantro and serve with a bowl of salsa and sour cream in the center.

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