Building the future on 90 years of commitment and success

15.04.2021 Comforting moments

In Lesters’ cafeteria, on a Friday, around 4 p.m., everyone crosses paths. Those who finish their shift, those who are just starting it and some who are taking their break. Amid all this coming and going, David Bousquet, our Human Resources Director, has set up a table in the middle of this common space, and he is on a mission: to offer gifts to all employees to celebrate the 90th anniversary of our company.

On this occasion, Management has chosen to give blankets bearing the Lesters logo. Something to warm up for the first spring evenings spent on the balcony or in the garden. For Henry Mizrahi, Lesters Foods’ President, it was natural and a must to share this anniversary with all the company’s employees, and the choice of gift was not trivial. “We are a family business, so we believe that providing something that can be brought home and shared with family members symbolizes this association with the family.

“90 years of existence sure brings people closer and forges bonds! Just look at Jean Larue, amongst others, who has worked at Lesters for 51 years, and who will be saying goodbye in June for a well-deserved retirement. “It’s rare and unique, it’s quite an accomplishment for a family business to have flourished for 90 years and seen three generations in Quebec” adds Henry Mizrahi. “Lesters survived the Great Depression, WWII, recessions and challenges, major economic development and improvement of food security, and of course the Covid-19 pandemic.”

This evolution, this resilience, is obviously the result of Max Lester’s efforts since his arrival in Montreal in 1925, as well of those of his sons Joe and Moe. But all this would not have been possible without the work of quality employees, the commitment of thousands of people, all working together for a common cause: the success of Lesters Foods.

Henry Mizrahi, Lesters current president, is already looking to the future: “As we look forward to the celebration of our 100th anniversary, we are honored by all that has been accomplished by so many people over the years. And we are excited to continue to evolve and grow well beyond!”