Ideas and suggestions

Heat on a BBQ, on a hot-plate or simply in boiling water. Avoid cutting the hot dogs before heating as this will allow the natural juices to escape resulting in a drier hot dog with less flavour.

Use different and unique condiments to make an ordinary hot dog something special; for example, a Tex-Mex slant by combining salsa , Monterey Jack cheese and hot or sweet peppers.


Hot Dogs

For 80 years, Canadians have been enjoying the great taste and premium quality of Lesters hot dogs. Simple to prepare and fun to eat, Lesters hot dogs are available in a wide variety of flavours and formats: Original, All Beef, Bar-B-Q, jumbo Alouettes and our delicious Bacon hot dogs.

  • Original


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  • All Beef

    All Beef

  • Alouettes


  • Bacon