Ideas and suggestions

For a different snack, try Lesters smoked meat in a tortilla with cream cheese and dill pickles. Spread the cream cheese on the tortilla, add thin slices of smoked meat and add in a dill pickle diced into small cubes. Roll up the tortilla and heat.

Another novel way to savour our smoked meat is by using it as a topping on home-made pizzas. You can slice the smoked meat, cut it into cubes or chop into fine pieces.


Montreal Smoked Meat

One of the pioneers of Montreal Smoked Meat, Lesters' secret recipe has received international awards for excellence. Our unique taste and texture has made Lesters Smoked Meat the leading choice of restaurants and delis throughout Canada.

You can taste our famous Montreal smoked meat at many major sports venues such as the Bell Centre, (home of the Montreal Canadiens) and Percival Molson Stadium (home of the Montreal Alouettes).

Lesters Montreal smoked meat is available at your local grocery store, sliced at the deli counter or in a convenient pre-sliced pouch.