Sports Nights


Offer your guests a great Montreal smoked meat sandwich like the ones at The Bell Centre in Montreal !! With our pre-sliced smoked meat pouches nothing could be easier. Two minutes in the microwave, 2 slices of quality bread (rye bread is recommended) and your favorite mustard. Quick, easy and delicious.

As well, introduce your fellow sports enthusiasts to our new Alouettes Jumbo hot dogs. Tasty, full of flavour and jumbo-sized for satisfaction. Let your imagination go wild with the condiments: strong mustard, sautéed onions, Tabasco sauce, hot or sweet peppers, salsas etc.


Surround your snacks with your favorite team colours on tablecloths and napkins to create a friendly sports atmosphere. Greet your friends by attaching your team’s logo to your front door.

Make a game out of the sports event by having your guests participate in game predictions, scores and/or point margin. Then display the predictions on a huge decorated cardboard.