BBQ Events

What could be more pleasant and relaxing than a backyard BBQ during the warm, sunny season with friends and family.


Lesters offers a wide variety of hot dogs which are guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone gathered. Easy to prepare, fast and delicious.

For a unique, full flavour serve Alouettes jumbo hot dogs. Or, try Lesters BBQ hot dogs with their distinctive spicy taste. Offer your guests a wide assortment of condiments: different BBQ sauces, grilled vegetables, dips and cheese side-dishes.

In the evening, if you have access to a bonfire or fireplace, toasted marshmallows are always fun but why not also serve some Lesters hot dogs ?


Organize your BBQ event around a theme and ask your guests to dress up for the part – Hawaiian, 50`s Rock n Roll or the Swinging Sixties.