Lesters Foods: A family passion since 1931

In 1925, Max Lester fled Eastern Europe and arrived in Canada. He carried with him the family’s secret recipe to make smoked meat. In 1931, Max Lester opened a delicatessen on Montreal’s famed and historic St. Lawrence Blvd, better known as "the Main". The deli was famous for its smoked meat sandwiches and quickly became a Montreal favorite. As the popularity and demand of the products grew, Max Lester began to produce and sell these products to other restaurants and grocery stores

The deli was a family affair with wife Rose and their children Moe, Joe and Helen all helping to serve customers 7 days a week.

As a young boy, Moe Lester dreamed of supplying restaurants and grocery stores all over Canada with the products that his family had prepared and served for years.

In 1964, Moe Lester’s dream became a reality with the construction of a new 15, 000 square foot federally-inspected plant. The success of this new company was so strong that the plant could barely keep up with demand for its smoked meat, hot dogs, salami and many other deli products.

In 1971, Lesters moved into a new 40, 000 square foot plant in Laval, a suburb of Montreal. Once again, the plant quickly outgrew its capacity and so a major expansion was undertaken bringing the total size today to 140, 000 square feet

One of the largest in Canada

Lesters is one of largest meat companies in Canada.

Today, Lesters is led by the third generation of the family (Henry Mizrahi & Bonnie Lester) who continue Moe Lester’s passion and dedication in producing the best quality products available.

We continue to invest in plant upgrades and state of the art equipment and technology, ensuring the strictest quality standards possible.

Lesters remains a leader in the development of new products and leads the industry in customer service satisfaction.

Lesters boasts:

  • A modern 140,000 square-foot, federally inspected, HACCP accredited, meat processing facility
  • Experienced & dedicated Research and Development specialists
  • A dynamic Sales & Marketing team committed to customer satisfaction
  • One of Canada’s largest manufacturers of hot dogs
  • A choice of more than 200 products